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Welcome to Kansas City's premier business for professional Face Painting, Body Art, Henna, Glitter Tattoos, Prenatal Belly Painting, and Crazy Hair! 

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Face Painting


If you are looking for Award-Winning Face Painting, then you've come to the right place!  Kristi has traveled and competed in national and international competitions - and won first place!  She's been trained by the best in her field from all over the world.  She's also become a sought-after instructor, traveling the country, and teaching others the art of face painting.  Be sure and check out the gallery!  Call 816-210-6775 for details and a quote!


Glitter Tattoos!


These are loaded with bling, and are great for large crowds, because they are super-fast!  They're waterproof and last for days, and with the selection that we have (over 250 designs!), these are great for all ages of boys and girls, and men and women.  Click on the gallery to see more designs!  Call 816-210-6775 for more details!


Body Painting


If you're looking for the "WOW"-factor, try body painting!  For parties, you'll be the one everyone wants to get a picture with!  For corporate, get maximum impact of your product or logo!  Promotion has never been more dazzling!  For sports teams, try something completely different.  Show your love to the team by having a jersey painted directly on you!  Call 816-210-6775 for more details! 

For more information, and if you would like to see the portfolio, please visit The Body Brush of Kansas City.  It's another slice of the Pie!

Prenatal Belly Art


Having your belly painted or hennaed is the perfect way to memorialize your pregnancy!  Your nursery theme can be matched, or create something fun and beautiful just for you and your baby.  You can choose to have your belly beautified with friends and family at your baby shower or belly blessing, or you can opt for a private meeting at the place of your choosing!  Visit the gallery to see some beautiful bellies!  Call 816-210-6775 today!



A beautiful way to decorate your body, Henna is great for older children and adults!  We use only fresh Henna powder to ensure a nice, deep walnut-colored stain.  The designs last for 1 - 3 weeks.  We can also add touches of Glitter Tattooing or Swarovski Crystals for that extra sparkle!  Click on the gallery to see more!

 Crazy Hair


If you're ready for the craziest hair on the planet, then call us today!  Pigment Pie can make your hair reach new heights and add fun and funky colors!  We also like to add "stuff" to make it floopy, floppy, flippy, and down-right crazy!  Prepare to have your hair defy not only gravity, but also any sense of normalcy!  See the gallery for more do's!  Call 816-210-6775 to book Crazy Hair today!






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