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FAQs and Important Information


Concerning Face Painting

Q:  I'm concerned about safety.  Are your products safe for skin?


A:  Yes!  By all means, you SHOULD be concerned about what goes on your skin and on your child's skin.  You can take comfort in knowing that I use only FDA compliant paint made specifically for the face and skin.  I do NOT use acrylics or other craft paints that can often cause redness, rashes, and irritation.  The glitters I use are cosmetic-grade.  I do NOT use craft glitters, which are made of metal and can scratch the cornea.  Safety is my number-one concern.


Q:  I'm paying you per hour, so just how fast can you paint?


A:  Full Face designs take 1 to 5 minutes.  I can offer a full menu for that "WOW!" effect (about 15-18 people per hour), or a more modest menu (20 - 30 people per hour) if you have time constraints.  Either way, your guests will go home happy!


Q:  Are you reliable?


A:  Very!  I arrive at least 20 minutes before my scheduled time, and I require only a 20-minute break every 5 hours and a water source.  I bring everything I need with me (a director's chair, a table, etc.), so you can focus on your guests, and not have to worry about me!


Q:  I'm looking for someone experienced.  How long have you been doing this, and what are your credentials?


A:  I've been painting faces  for 7 years.  Pigment Pie became a full-fledged business as of 2005.  I have painted from the excited child to the shy adult;  from the special-needs to the elderly;  from the large corporate shindig to the small, private party.  I have MANY happy references, and should you need any, just ask!  I've won numerous awards, including first place for faces at the 2009 National Face Painting Competition in Orlando.  I'm the only one in the greater Kansas City area that is award-winning!   I've also been published in industry magazines, and I travel all over the country teaching other face artists my style.  I have a book due out in October of 2010.


Q:  Professionalism is a must!  Can you tell me how you present yourself?


A:  I always arrive professionally dressed.  Most of the time this entails khaki pants or jeans and a company shirt, however, if a certain style is needed for your event, you need only to ask.


Q:  I have a shy guest coming.  How can you paint him?


A:  I speak with each guest one-on-one to find out what exactly his or her needs are.  I am very personal and gentle with each and every customer.  Sometimes children can be very nervous about having their faces painted, but are quite comfortable with having an arm decorated.  My goal is to cater to the guest's happiness and to yours!


Q:  I have a certain theme I'd like you to stick with.  Would that be difficult?


A:  Easy as, well... Pie!  Creativity is one of my strongest suits, and I wear it with the passion to impress you and your guests.  Though there are some designs that are picked frequently, if any of your guests want something original, it can be done on the spot.  Also, if you have a certain character theme, just let me know when you schedule your event, and I'll have a special menu prepared for that day.


Q:  Are you insured?


A:  Yes!  You can be at ease knowing that you've hired a safe, professional entertainer.


Q:  Ok, I'm hooked!  What are your rates?


A:  Rates vary.  Churches, schools, and non-profit organizations get discounts.  Contact me today to get your quote!


Q:  It's time for bed, so how do I remove the paint?


A:  The face paints I use are professional grade, so simply use warm water and a little soap to wash off your design.  You will not need to scrub.  The more pigmented colors, such as the blues and blacks might require a little more soap.  Make sure you get a picture before washing it off!  Pleasant dreams...































































Concerning Crazy Hair



Q:  I'm excited about Crazy Hair!  But what about head lice?


A:  Unfortunately, lice is a very real concern.  If I notice head lice, I will never embarrass the child.  Instead, the parent or host will be notified discreetly.  The child's hair will be styled as usual, as I disinfect my combs and hands after every child.

Q:  Do I have to provide any hair accessories?


A:  Nope!  I bring everything - the bands, the bobbles, the ribbons, hairspray, the chenille stems, the gel, the hair colors, and more!


Q:  Do you re-use any hair items?


A:  The only items that get re-used on anyone are my combs - and they are disinfected in an alcohol-solution after each child.


Q:  I'd rather not use hairspray or chemicals in my child's hair.  Do have any alternatives?


A:  Of course!  Hairspray is used for teasing, and the gel is used for spikes, but I've developed a few other techniques for those that don't want chemicals in their hair - and they still look just as funky!


Q:  I have boys coming to my party, but I don't want them to feel left out.  Do you have anything for them?

A:  Boys especially love colored spikes and mohawks.  They're often easier to please than the girls!

































Concerning Henna



Q:  What exactly is Henna?


A:  Henna is a plant that contains a high concentration of a dye called Lawsone.  Lawsone is found only in mature Henna plants, and most Henna plants are grown and cultivated in India.

Q:  How does Henna stain the skin?


A:  The Lawsone stains the layers of skin cells, which is why the design stays even after days of scrubbing.


Q:  How many colors does Henna come in?


A:  Reddish-brown, brown, and walnut-brown.  True Henna does not come in any other colors.


Q:  Wait a minute.  Some of your pictures show a very dark - almost black Henna.


A:  What you are seeing is the paste before it is peeled or falls off.  It is always very dark - especially after sealing it.  I do NOT use black Henna.


Q:  You say it's only in brown, but I've heard of black Henna.  That's what I'd really like.


A:  Black Henna is dangerous stuff.  Plain and simple.  It contains para-phenylenediamine (PPD), and will blister and scar the skin.  I use only natural Henna.


Q:  Why are some parts of the design darker than others?


A:  It really just depends on the layers of skin and how your skin oxidizes.  Think of an apple that gets darker when left out in the air.


Q:  Can you create any design for me?


A:  Yes!  Even if you have a design that you have in your head, I can work with you to make it a reality.


Q:  I'm excited, and I want you to Henna my arm right now!


A:  Sorry, but the Henna paste takes 24 hours to make, but I can probably schedule you for tomorrow!


Q:  I have a bunch of teen girls coming over.  Would Henna be a good idea of entertainment?


A:  Yes!  Teens absolutely LOVE Henna!


Q:  I have boys coming to my party, but I don't want them to feel left out.  Do you have anything for them?


A:  Boys love Henna as much as girls do.  They just like tribal designs, flames, dragons, and other "manly" things.


Q:  How long will my Henna stain last?


A:  Depending on your skin type, where it's placed, how hard you scrub when you wash, and how long you kept the paste on are all determining factors.  It usually lasts between one and three weeks.


Q:  I'm having a party for my five-year-old.  Can I schedule you for Henna?


A:  I do not put Henna on anyone under eight years of age.  They simply cannot sit still long enough, and it will smear.  Also, though Henna is very safe and natural, the skin of young children can be very sensitive.  How about booking me for face painting or glitter tattoos instead?




























































Concerning Glitter Tattoos

Q:  What exactly are Glitter Tattoos?


A:  Glitter Tattoos are designs that get put on the skin using a special adhesive and covered with super-fine cosmetic-grade glitters.  The adhesive is waterproof.

Q:  I'm worried about safety.  What kind of adhesive do you use?


A:  I use only the best made-for-skin medical-grade adhesive.


Q:  How long do Glitter Tattoos last?


A:  Depending on how well you take care of them, they can last up to two weeks.  Generally, though, they last about three days to one week.

Q:  I want my Glitter Tattoo to last.  How do I take care of it?


A:  When you shower or bathe, only pat the soap on and gently rinse off.  When you dry off, gently pat the towel on and around the tattoo.  Glitter Tattoos that aren't being rubbed on by clothes will generally last longer, also.

Q:  I like selection.  How many designs do you have to choose from?


A:  Many, many designs!  The last time I checked, I had about 250.  I continually add new designs as well.

Q:  I have an idea for a Glitter Tattoo.  Can you design one freehand?


A:  Of course!  If you'd rather have a design that I make up, or if you have a design of your own liking, let me know!  Freehand is welcomed!


Q:  I really wish I had my company logo as a Glitter Tattoo stencil...


A:  Say no more.  I can have a batch of your company logo (or special logo) made up just for you!  No minimum, and no cost to you!


Q:  How many colors of glitters do you have?


A:  Bunches (at least 25)!  You won't have any issue with color choice.


Q:  How do I remove my Glitter Tattoo?


A:  You can either remove it using 91% Isopropyl alcohol, or you can also use an oil-based product, such as baby oil, moisturizing lotion, or even olive oil.















































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